123 Partee Crawley Sussex. Bouncy castles and inflatables

Fully Insured & Reliable

Terms & Conditions

The bouncy castle should be operated to standards set out by the Health and Safety Executive (Guidance on Safety and Practice in Fairground and Amusements Parks - PM76/Entertainment Sheet 7) and the Local Authority. These standards form the basis of these conditions of hire.

At all times you must act responsibly to operate the castle safely and so avoid injury to anyone using the castle and to avoid damage to the bouncy castle.

  • Please note that as the hirer you are not permitted to erect the inflatable equipment. You may however, deflate the equipment and lock it away when it is not being used.
  • Locate castle away from any potential risks to children bouncing off it and to the castle e.g. fences, railings, thorny bushes, etc.
  • Inflate the castle on a level service, which is clear of sharp objects. Secure using attached ties and metal pegs. Use strap (included) to attach blower to castle.
  • Place safety mats in front of the castle.
  • Prevent the blower, cables and plugs from getting wet.
  • Do not allow children with medical conditions, which may put them at risk of injury (i.e. brittle bone disease or temporary injuries) to use the castle.
  • You must have first aid facilities on site.
  • A responsible adult must stand on either side of the front of the castle and supervise play on the castle at all times. Default castle when not supervised or in use.
  • Shoes must be removed before entering the castle.
  • Do not allow children to climb on the walls of the castle.
  • Do not allow toys, food or drinks, bottles or container etc. to be taken onto the castle as they may cause injury if fallen on and could puncture the castle.
  • Glasses must be removed before using the castle.
  • Limit the number of children on the castle at any one time to a safe level.
  • If there is an age limit on the castle, please ensure this is observed at all times.
  • Avoid having older children on the castle as the same time as younger ones.
  • Please return the castle clean and dry. On return please advise the location of any damage.